About Us

Enhanced Energy Partners Corp was founded in 2003 and has continuously served as contract operator / WI partner in several South Texas properties. EEPC assumed operatorship of the Raccoon Bend Field in Austin/Waller Counties in 2007 and has continued operating to this date. All the South Texas properties have been divested. The Raccoon Bend Field asset was purchased with 1.8 MMBO reserve estimate, since the purchase EEPC has produced 2.3 MMBO and currently has 4.04 MBO reserves on the books.

Since November 2005, EEPC has closed five (5) transactions involving approximately 102 producing wells, 70 additional shut-in wells and approximately 8,000 acres of leased Texas land. Which include at least 20 PUDs and 10 exploitation opportunities for future development.

EEPC uses employees and contract help to successfully complete engineering, legal, land, operational and accounting needs.

If you are in need of an experienced contract operator, email us under the Contact Us tab at the top of the screen.